This Pre-Teen Stopped EATING After The School Told Her THIS Outrageous Thing!

Amelya is a 35-year-old nutritionist who takes her health very seriously. When she had her daughter, she made sure that their diets and lifestyles were the best that they could be. Amelya doesn’t let processed foods into their home. Amelya ensures that every meal is beneficial and well-rounded, full of things that her growing 11-year-old daughters needs to stay healthy and fit. So when this healthy mom noticed that her daughter hadn’t eaten in 2 days, she was understandably enraged.


The school sent a letter home stating that her daughter, at 5’2” and a normal and healthy weight, was “obese.” Their reasoning? The school was using a BMI calculator to get these skewed numbers that are largely dismissed by health care professionals due to the fact that they rely on “averages” and don’t take any outside factors into consideration.

The BMI calculator didn’t take into consideration that at 5’2”, this healthy 11-year-old girl is the perfect weight for her body type. The BMI calculator didn’t take into consideration that she has more muscle on her body than the average 11-year-old.

I feel quite annoyed about it because it isn’t that accurate and it’s not that nice, I just felt really bad because I read the letter and was basically being called overweight by the NHS.’

The school must have forgotten that her mother was a trainer and nutritionist when they sent this letter home. After a lot of explanations from her health-conscious mother, this little girl was able to continue eating, but the events that transpired after this school’s ridiculous measurement of “health” have gotten a lot of concern from other parents as well.

How would YOU approach this situation if it was YOUR child?

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