This Post About A Homeless Veteran Is Breaking People’s Hearts! One Car Dealership Can’t Stand It.

Homeless veterans often resort to begging on the streets to feed themselves, and even then, they often go hungry. Shelters fill up too quickly and too often these veterans aren’t able to get benefits that might help them to get back on their feet. Dealing with illnesses, wounds sustained during combat, and dozens of other conditions makes it hard for them to keep on making a living.

One such veteran had found a way to make a little extra cash by walking into businesses and offering a simple service. For only $5, he would shine a pair of shoes. He walked into this car dealership and offered to shine the shoes of the salesmen. He explained that he was a struggling veteran and the $5 would help him to get by for the next few days.9-13a5Three sales managers and the general manager each agreed to have their shoes shined, but when it came time to pay, they each handed him a $100 bill and wouldn’t accept anything in return.

The service manager asked the man if he might consider a job in retail…long story short? He started working at the dealership the very next day. They helped him to get back on his feet because they knew that anyone who was willing to work that hard for $5 deserved a chance to prove that they could handle any job.


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