This Police Dog Retires…And Receives A MOUNTAIN Of Toys As A “Thank You” For His Service!

The community for this K9 was sad to see him go…but they weren’t about to let him go without giving him a huge send off! They gave him chew toys, snugly stuffed animals, treats, food, and anything that they thought he might like! While many people respect and revere police dogs, not many people know just what happens after they’ve said goodbye to their lives in the force, or what they like to do afterwards.11-2a20

German Shepherds, the dogs most commonly employed by the police, have a lifespan of 9 to 13 years, and live very actively. They are trained from puppyhood and learn all the skills they need to be effective in the field. They usually retire anywhere between 7 and 10 years of age. (Although in many places, Belgian Malinois are becoming the more popular choice.)

But what next? In most cases, their handlers adopt them, and if not, the officers who worked closely with them will welcome them into their homes. Sometimes, people from the public can adopt the dogs as well if they have the right training!

But because these dogs led a very active lifestyle, it is important that they remain active…or else they go “stir crazy!” They need to be walked, exercise, and given “jobs” to do around the house. Some owners say that they devote time to “search and rescue” by hiding treats, special toys, or socks around their house and yard so that their ageing dogs feel useful, keeping their senses sharp and helping them cope with retirement.

Cases vary from dog to dog, but its nice to know that even though they have retired, they still have a life to look forward to!


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