This Police Department Wanted To Make A Calendar…It Didn’t Turn Out Quite Like They Planned!

The Lansdale Borough Police Department had a bold idea: create and release the first ever Men of Lansdale Police Calendar! Ideally, it would be similar to the calendars created for firehouses…but there was just one problem with their big idea:

…we quickly realized that our officers don’t exactly possess the most “aesthetically-pleasing” bodies, nor are they particularly handsome.” LPD wrote.

And so, in order to compensate, they decided to make their models more comfortable. Clothing would remain on…And the shoot would take place somewhere that make them feel comfortable! Their favorite doughnut shop was happy to oblige. Yum Yum Bake Shops had no trouble making the officers feel “at home.”They sported their best “model” faces and posed with scrumptious treats.

We’re releasing a few images a couple months early in order to gauge the public’s opinion.” They wrote.

So far, the public is in love! “This is what real men look like,” one comment said. Others agreed, saying that LPD was too harsh on their guys because they looked dashing in the photos!

More are commenting and hoping that the public’s support will cause the guys to do a calendar like this EVERY year!

(Even though it was an April Fool’s joke, people¬†really¬†want it to be real!)

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