This Police Chief Is Normally So Composed…But He Finally Witnessed One Case Where He Just Could NOT Keep His Cool!

The people who work in law enforcement have a really tough job. They see people at their very worst, every single day. People on drugs, people stealing, people hurting others, and domestic issues day in and day out. Sure, they see a lot of good in society, too, but more often than not their desks are piled high with cases that would make most of us sick to our stomachs. The worst of it is when children are involved. This police chief finally stumbled across one case that was enough to make him take to the internet to rant about a certain woman (who remained nameless, of course) and her abhorrent behavior the night before. I’m not sure if he meant for this post to go VIRAL, but it is once again circling the internet, and gaining more and more traction as it goes!


Irresponsible parents are everywhere, but thankfully, most of them never cause their children to end up in quite as bad a situation as this one! He just couldn’t hold in his anger. Seeing that little girl in pain, feeling alone and abandoned by the mother that was supposed to care for her really struck a nerve with this chief, and he hopes that his words will strike a cord with others. His anger is palpable, and with good reason. Maybe he has a point. Maybe being a parent isn’t for everyone…I just hope that this mom can get the help that she needs before it’s too late!

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