This Plane Just Flew Around The Entire Globe In 16 Months Without Using ANY Fuel!

Flying around the entire world is no joke, but this plane just completed its journey without using even the tiniest drop of fuel. The pilots, Bertrand Piccard and Andre Borschberg took turns flying the aircraft 27,000 miles and picked up 8 world records on top of it all.

The plane took off in March of 2015 and landed at the same airport in July of 2016. The plane made 16 stops around the globe and the two have now completed the longest journey using solar energy. Ever.

It wasn’t just a “triumph for aviation” – it’s a major achievement in energy,” Piccard said.7.27a13

They have proved that using solar energy is not only possible, it is reliable. We ave the resources, the technology, and now we have even more scientific data to back it up. Piccard believes that the world shouldn’t continue to be polluted by fossil fuels just because people are scared to approach energy options in a different way.

The physical airplane is made of carbon fiber (mostly) and is powered by 17,248 solar cells attached to its wings. These cells recharge four lithium polymer batteries, and the entire aircraft only weighs “the same as a Ford Explorer,” 200 times lighter than a Boeing 747.

So, will we see clean energy used in our everyday lives in the near future? We hope so!

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