This Pizza Hut Went To EXTREME Lengths To Help Customers After A Huge Flood In Texas

After Hurricane Harvey flooded millions of homes along the coastline of South Texas, many people rushed in to help those in need. Even homes that had been untouched by floodwaters for over 20 years were affected, and as neighborhoods became “rivers,” the challenges grew. For one General Manager at Pizza Hut, these challenges weren’t going to get in the way of bringing her customers a hot meal.

Shayda Habib manages a Pizza Hut location in an area that faced heavy flooding. She knew that if they didn’t use the ingredients, they would end up going to waste…and with so many people in need to food, she just had to get creative!

She called her husband and asked him to find kayaks – any way he could – and began making pizzas with the few staff members that had been able to work.

Over the day, they made and delivered 120 pizzas! They loaded the pizzas into travel bags and balanced them in the kayaks, delivering pizzas to hungry families trapped by the water.

Giving back to their community was appreciated by everyone, and Habib continued to make and deliver pizzas until the ingredients had all been used up! As business owners continue to help their communities in whatever way they can, people are grateful, especially when times are so uncertain!

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