This Pitbull Wouldn’t Be Adopted Without Her Best Friend…So Someone Adopted Them BOTH!

When Rocket Dog Rescue, in San Francisco, California, received Merill, she was in pretty bad shape. Without surgery, she would die. The 3-year-old pitbull mix was treated and underwent life-saving surgery…but she gained a new friend while she recovered.

Taco, an 8 year old Chihuahua, developed an attachment to Merill and never left her side while she recovered. The normally high-energy dog would even begin to whimper and cry when they had to be separated for Merill’s check ups with the vet!

They were both loving and obedient, but asking someone to adopt two dogs at once was a lot to ask. The pair had already lost their families and homes. Expecting them to be separated was just too much.

But finally, someone came along who knew that this curious duo would fit nicely into their home and decided to adopt them both! The pair will never have to worry about being separated ever again!

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