This Pit Bull Heard A Child Scream And Rushed To His Side, Nearly Dying As A Result

Stacie’s brother was out walking his Pit Bull, Hurley,  when something happened that they had to share as soon as possible. It was late at night, nearing 10 p.m., so that he could let Hurley off of his leash without disturbing others. Hurley loved to run free and smell everything without having to wait on his owner to catch up. Usually, this isn’t a problem…but this night was different.

Hurley heard a young child screaming and raced off in a heartbeat. Stacie’s brother raced after his dog and arrived just in time to witness Hurley wrestling a snake away from a young boy. The boy screamed and ran to a nearby car which drove off before her brother could get any information.

Her brother called animal control to investigate the scene and they arrived along with the police. The boy, they realized, had stumbled across a nest of copperheads, and Hurley had killed one. The officers asked to see Hurley, and that is when they realized that the dog was foaming at the mouth and his neck was quickly swelling due to a snakebite.

He rushed Hurley to the emergency animal hospital. They were able to stabilize the brave dog, who suffered a snakebite to his lip.

They still don’t know who the little boy was or if he was bitten at all – all they know is that Hurley jumped into the middle of a dangerous situation with no regard for his own safety. He only wanted to save the boy, and they hope that the story finds a happy ending.

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