This Pillow Tells A Story In The Simplest Way! (Plus, It’s Gorgeous!)

After purchasing a plain pillow cover from her local craft shop, she wasn’t sure what she was going to do with it. Creating something new for your home can be difficult sometimes, but eventually she came up with the perfect idea! She decided to display the dates that were the most important to her family: birthdays!She listed each date vertically, starting with her husband’s birthday, then her birthday, their anniversary, and their three children’s birthdays.

The stencils that she purchased were sticky, meaning that they wouldn’t slide around on the fabric while she tried to use them. Once the stencils were secure, she filled in the numbers with a fabric marker and added simple dots between each row of numbers.

While they weren’t all perfectly aligned, it was impossible to tell that some of the numbers were a bit slanted once the pillow had been shoved full of stuffing!And the end result matches her living room perfectly! What do you think of this personalized DIY throw pillow? We think this would make an awesome house-warming gift! You can see the full tutorial here!

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