This Picture Proves That Women’s Clothing Needs HELP! Size 18 Is SMALLER Than Size 14!

Lucy Horsley ran into a shocking problem while shopping for jeans, and when she posted about it on Facebook, people couldn’t stop talking.

Lucy, regularly a size 14 in most brands, ended up ripping her favorite pair of jeans. She got her mom to repair them a few times, but after a while it was clear that she just needed to buy a new pair. When she got to the store, she decided to try them on just to be safe…and the jeans wouldn’t go any higher than her thighs!

She started trying larger and larger sizes, but none of them fit right or were comfortable.

I realized it wasn’t me and it was the clothing itself. I was so shocked by the difference, it’s disgraceful. From being a girl who has always fluctuated with weight, it really hurt me. I felt embarrassed buying size eighteen jeans.”

“I know people say it doesn’t matter what it says on the label,” she continued, “but to a lot of women it does and I feel I can speak on behalf of the majority of women that sizing does matter and has a huge influence on your confidence and self esteem.”

The jeans were clearly smaller than her old pair, and while they were both the same material, both high-waisted, and both “super skinny” style in the legs, the size that now fits her makes no numerical sense.

While many women just say “buy clothing that fits – who cares what the tag says” many others say that companies are missing the point. Why not switch to a standard size across the board? Consumers just want the mind games to end!

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