This Picture Of Pink Cooking With Her Children Is Making Some Parents FURIOUS!

Like many celebrities, Pink lets her fans see a little bit of her home life now and then by posting pictures of her day to day activities. Usually, people love to get a “sneak peek” of what its like to be a celebrity, but this time, it made them angry. Pink often posts snapshots of her husband and two kids, but this time, she was the star of the shot, cooking dinner while wearing her 7-month-old son in a wrap on her chest.

Baby-wearing is a popular way for moms to multitask while also keeping their babies safe and secure…but this particular method didn’t sit right with some.Her son leans forward, eager to learn about the world and watch what mom is up to. All fans could see was an accident waiting to happen.

What if oil popped out of the pan and hit him in the face? What if she tripped and he landed on a burner? What if the stove malfunctioned and he was injured?

Why take the risk?” They wanted to know.

Others thought those fans were being too harsh.

Can’t even begin to count how many times I had to do this with my son on my chest. People are ridiculous. You are amazing,” one wrote.

She didn’t let it phase her, though. Instead, she’s focusing on her family and raising her kids while balancing a career – and if that means wearing her son while she makes dinner, that’s what she’ll do.

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