This Picture Of A Target Employee On The Floor With A Toddler Has Parents Everywhere Saying: “THANK YOU!”

Sometimes, toddlers just can’t deal with life. Whether it was a skipped nap, a long day of running errands, or simply because they don’t understand why they can’t knock over a display at the grocery store, tantrums happen. For some kids, no amount of rationalizing or stern words will work – they just need to vent their anger. In a lot of cases, that ends up being very loud shrieks and rivers of tears in the middle of a department store.

Brandi M. was watching her cousin’s child to give them a little break for the day. She had raised two sons of her own and decided to take Abigail with her on a quick errand.

Little Abigail was having a rough day, and while her auntie¬†was trying to finish her shopping list, Abigail dropped to the floor and threw “an Oscar winning fit,” according to Brandi.

That’s when Mrs. Tasha came to the rescue.¬†The woman seemed to know just what to do. She got on the floor right next to Abigail and connected with the child, calming her down…and after a short while, had her smiling again.

Sometimes, life is just too much, and sometimes, a little bit of kindness from a complete stranger can make all of the difference. With Mrs. Tasha acting as a distraction, auntie Brandi was able to grab the last thing on her list – a pre-birthday outfit – and have a great rest of the day.

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