This Picture Of A Parking Lot In The Snow Has People Scratching Their Heads

This snapshot by Michel Valdrighi is baffling people across the internet with his simple black and white photograph of a parking lot. The cars are covered in snow. The missing spot shows the perfect outline of a car. The tire tracks are neat and pristine, and the footprints leading to the car should have been enough to give away the “mystery” of the tire’s outlines…but still, people were stumped.

They wanted to know how the man could have parked his carĀ andĀ pulled out to make tracks like this. Where was the car? What happened? Is this picture confusing to you?12-6z1The picture was explained simply:

The picture was taken after snow had fallen on parked cars. This car was the first to leave, leaving perfect tire tracks in the snow.” One comment said.

Many people who have never lived in the snow aren’t familiar with tire tracks being shown so vividly, and others were amused to learn the exact path their wheels take when they back out of a parking spot.

Did this picture make sense to you the first time you saw it? We think it’s neat – and if you’ve never seen snow before, the confusion is completely understandable!


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