This Picture Of A Husband And Wife Enjoying The Beach Went VIRAL. What She Said? Stunning.

Jasmine Owens loves to share her fabulous life with the world, but she had no idea that sharing this particular photo online would be shared over 80,000 times and talked about by millions of people.

It was the first time that she had decided to wear a two-piece swimsuit to the beach, and coincidentally, it was also the first time she had worn it in front of her husband. The pair were photographed holding hands as they enjoyed the day, but when she posted it online, the initial reactions were hateful.

People were shaming her, telling her that she was promoting an unfit lifestyle that was dangerous and unhealthy, as if she didn’t deserve to have fun on the beach like everyone else.

Over the years this man has loved every curve, every roll, and every stretch mark on my body. I never understood why! How could he love something that isn’t “perfect”? How could a man who was “born fit” love someone like me! I don’t have a flat stomach, I jiggle when I walk, hell if I run up the stairs too fast my body claps (lmao)!! But now I see I do have the “perfect” body!! Every roll, every curve and every stretch mark is put on me just perfect to make both of us happy! I love my body and I finally see why he does too!!”

The negative comments hurt, but she took them with a grain of salt – when people leave nasty messages, its usually because they are struggling to accept themselves and lash out.

I just want everyone to know that no matter what type of body you have you are beautiful and if you don’t see it yet I know there is someone out there that does,” she said. “Don’t give up on yourself.”

The couple has been together for 14 years and are raising children. She wanted to share the joy in her life, and she isn’t going to let others bring her down.

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