This Picture Is Touching The Hearts Of Parents Everywhere!

This family had just come from the children’s hospital in Little Rock. The doctors there had been doing tests on their newborn daughter, Ellee, and the entire family was exhausted. Between the stress, the hunger, and the lack of sleep, Ellee’s dad was struggling to make a bottle for his fussing daughter. It was time for her bottle, but he was having trouble keeping it together.

He tried to make the first bottle, but his hands slipped and he ended up spilling the entire thing onto himself and the floor. Ellee was screaming by this point, and dad hurried to try and make a second bottle. At that moment, in all of the chaos, their waiter served the salads and breadsticks. As soon as dad finished making the bottle, the waiter held out his hand and simply said,

here, let me feed her. You eat.”

7.25a17The waiter patiently held the bottle for the tiny baby and allowed the family to enjoy their meal without worrying about their daughter for a moment. The man had no idea that the family had just been in the hospital to run tests. He just saw that the family was struggling, tired, and maybe he even had a child of his own and knew the stress that comes from raising a baby.
They didn’t catch his name, but hope that the Olive Garden in Little Rock, AR sees the viral story and can give the man the recognition that he truly deserves. The company has promised to get in touch with their Little Rock team to give the man their praise. This was a huge act of kindness, and Ellee’s family won’t soon forget it!

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