This Picnic Table Seats EVERYONE At The Same Time!

A park in San Antonio, TX has done something a little crazy with the design of their picnic tables, but the closer you look, the more you will find!

More and more outdoor parks have added picnic tables than ever before. While some may be made out of uncomfortable concrete or regular old wood, several cities have begun to put a lot of effort into their public spaces. One such park might just inspire your own city to make an upgrade!

The tables have seating for everyone. Adults sit on the second level while children can sit on the third. There is space at the end for a wheelchair to fit easily, and a little high-chair built in to keep those babies from crawling away during mealtime!

Critics have pointed out that they wouldn’t want their toddlers to be eating food right next to an adult’s seat. Others suggest simply sitting on either side of the toddler’s eating space.

The picnic tables welcome anyone who might want to spend time outdoors, and even if they aren’t having a picnic, it encourages people to meet and have a place to visit by not leaving anyone out. Being able to go out and not worry about having a place to sit makes this park one special place, and we hope that more public spaces can learn from them.

Do you think your city would place this in public spaces?

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