THIS Photo Is Going VIRAL On Social Media…And Many People Couldn’t Believe What They Were Seeing!

Many people don’t often get to interact with wild animals. Even for those of us that live in the suburbs, animals like squirrels and an occasional rabbit might be the closest that we will ever get to “nature.” So when someone says that they saw opossums lurking around their backyard? We freak out.

Just a little bit. In our minds, wild animals mean danger. Opossums, raccoon, bats, it doesn’t matter where or when we see them, we automatically assume that they have rabies and are out to get us!


But the National Opossum Society wants everyone to know that generally, opossums are gentle! They aren’t animals that are likely to ever attack. In fact, when faced with danger, they usually just freeze in place! “Playing opossum” is an actual phrase based on the actual animal. Who knew!

If you ever see a baby out and about on its own, it may not be orphaned, either. The mama opossum may be close by! If you ever hear a strange sneezing noise coming from the baby, it is communicating with mom! If you hear these noises, there’s need to interfere!

Do you need opossum removal services? Maybe you have a family that is a little too comfortable in your back yard? Search for local shelters that will relocate the opossums for you. Many animal control shelters will simply terminate the opossums instead of helping them out. Be sure before you call!

These are adorable little creatures (well, a bit scary to look at once they have become adults…) and they deserve love, too! No wonder this picture has gone viral!

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