This Photo Is Driving People NUTS! She Dropped Her Phone Onto The Rug…And Couldn’t Find It.

I didn’t want to write about this photo because I couldn’t find the hidden phone and thought it was a joke by the people who uploaded it…like:

“Oh, haha, try to find the hidden phone in this picture! (Joke’s on you because it’s totally not there!)

But people kept commenting “I found it!” and “oh goodness WHERE IS IT” and “I have lost my **** MIND someone point it out to me,” and knew that you all would enjoy a good, frustrating game of “I swear, there is a phone in this picture, just keep looking.” 

It started when a woman dropped her phone onto a rug and couldn’t immediately find it. Obviously, she knew that she had dropped it onto the rug. It couldn’t have vanished into thin air. But after several incredibly aggravating seconds, she had to laugh at herself and borrowed someone’s camera to take this snapshot.7.15a17I saw this picture and couldn’t find it. I gave up and moved on, thinking it was a joke…until someone pointed it out to me, and even then, I honestly couldn’t see it. Give it a shot yourself and try to find the hidden phone. If you want a hint, highlight the text here: It’s near a table leg. <–

Good luck. That hint didn’t help me at first, either…but once you see it, it’s so obvious how did I miss it before am I going crazy

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