This Pharmacist Did Something Management Would Have FIRED Him For…But The Reason Is AMAZING!

We make choices in our lives everyday. Most of the time we are unable to help those around us due to money, situations, or even sometimes just time. Helping those in need is such an important part of who we are as a society, and some people have made it their life’s mission to do as much as possible for the people who need help the most. Providing food, shelter, and medical care is a noble way to live, but most of us only do what we can when the situation presents itself. In this story, this pharmacist does something incredible – even if it meant risking his job.

Names and locations were changed due to privacy.


Do you do any volunteer work? Have you helped anyone in your community recently? This pharmacist’s actions started a chain of events that helped this young couple start a new life and provide a better future for their unborn child. I hope that if I’m ever in need like that, someone will help me. Keep your eyes open for ways to help those around you!

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