This Personal Trainer Did The UNTHINKABLE For A Client…He GAINED Weight On Purpose!

Being overweight or obese is difficult. Every single day is filled with pain, and each movement is a struggle, and for people who rely on comforting food to get through the day, the thing that they love the most is hurting them. But people say that food is the worst kind of addiction to have because you need it to live. Having to say “no” to your favorite meals and snacks is nearly impossible sometimes…and Adonis Hill knows that better than anyone.7.22a15

He is a personal trainer. Many of use know that these trainers are in peak condition and help others to try and make it to their level of fitness. But Adonis knows the struggle, and he has a unique way of motivating people to lose weight…by losing weight right alongside them.7.22a17 He met Alissa for the first time after gaining 69 pounds. He stopped exercising and ate roughly 7,000 calories a day to prove to her that it could be done. She was astonished and shocked that someone would do such a thing for her. She was more motivated than ever (I think we all would have been!) and tried her hardest. They worked together to get rid of the pounds.  7.22a16 They bonded in a way that no personal trainer ever has with a client because the struggle was real for both of them.7.22a18She knew that every time she was struggling, he was too…and it just made her try harder. 7.22a19

Together, they lost over 100 pounds.

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