This Painting Made Parents CRY When They Realized What It Was

No matter what the subject is, parents across the globe can never truly agree on anything. Whether it happens to be the best diet for a toddler, how to soothe a screaming baby, or even whether or not a child should go to school, there is a different answer for every aspect of raising children…but an artist named Andrei Popov pin-pointed the exact moment that all parents can probably agree on: “When They Grow Up,” the painting without an official title does a pretty good job.

The work of art was making people cry.The lines show a caring parent, cherishing every year as their child grows. The lines, some closer together than others, each a memory on their own. The open door a symbol of the child venturing out on their own and “leaving the nest” in a way.

This feeling, most parents agreed, rarely changed. They might disagree on every other aspect of raising children, but when it came to the reason for raising them, they agreed that this painting summed it up perfectly.

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