This Orphaned Elk Showed Up During A Wildfire To Snuggle On The Firefighters!

A wildfire broke out near Cle Elum, Washington, and the Kittias CountyWashington state firefighters were on the scene over the holiday weekend to try and tame the wildfire. They were at the command post to get a handle on the situation when little Buttons came to say hello! Cuddling, nuzzling, and laying her head on the people she found, the firefighters could help but take a few selfies with the affectionate elk.7.7a4

Buttons was orphaned at a young age and ended up bonding with some local cows and goats on a hillside. The locals named her “Buttons,” and she has become somewhat of a legend in the area.

7.7a6She adores people and isn’t afraid of them. She doesn’t know what personal space is, and probably doesn’t know just how big she has gotten in the past few months. She lives her life, exploring and munching on grass and flowers and any other yummy grains she can find. Whenever she comes near the locals, they are always excited to say hello to the adorable resident!7.7a7Well, not everyone is always excited to see Buttons…7.7a5The firefighters posted the pictures to their Facebook page, hoping that all of the attention will make Buttons go viral. If she is more recognizable, hunters will hopefully know to steer clear of her. She’s friendly, and it would be a real shame if something were to happen to her!

For now, Buttons is happy just being alive and making new friends! These pictures are too cute!

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