This Optical Illusion Is Blowing People’s MINDS! Challenge: Count The Black Dots

This illusion is freaking people out since 2000, but after it went viral on Faceook and Twitter, hundreds of thousands more are freaking out. The directions are simple: try to count all of the black dots.9-16a7It takes a while (and some second-guessing) to see that there are actually 12 black dots in the picture, but because of a quirk in our brains, we are unable to see them all at once. A few people have figured out “tricks” to see them all, including “just blink really fast” and “put your finger over one of them,” but those methods don’t erase the fact that without a “trick,” we can’t actually see them all at the same time.

The dots appear to be jumping around the grid, but this optical illusion is actually called “Ninio’s extinction illusion” after biologist Jacques Ninio because interested in visual perception.

People are sharing this image everywhere, and we can see why! It is difficult to see more than two dots…but impossible to see more than four at a time! How are YOUR eyes handling this confusing illusion? Can you spot them all?


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