This One Life Hack Might Save Your Life (Or Someone Else’s) One Day! I Need To Start Doing This!

When you go to sleep at night, leave your car keys on your nightstand, NOT on your kitchen counter or on a key peg near the front door. Before they started making keys that could remotely lock, unlock, and set off the alarm on your car from a distance, this tip was mainly used as a sort of make-shift weapon. If an intruder made their way to your bedroom, you could put the keys between your fingers and use it defensively, but now the advice had changed dramatically.


The “Panic” button on your car will activate from inside of your home. Check to see if the signal reaches your car in the garage or on the driveway from your bedroom. If it does, not only will you be able to find your keys quickly in an emergency, you can alert your neighbors if you hear someone outside or have an intruder breaking into your home. The panic button will cause your car’s alarm to honk continuously until the battery runs out or until you physically deactivate it.


If there is an intruder in your home, be sure to hide or throw the keys so that they can’t deactivate the alarm before your neighbors start to investigate why your car is going off. ┬áThis is an added bonus because it’s a security measure that you don’t have to pay to get installed. It is loud, which is the most important thing because the flashing lights and constant honking will make anyone flee the scene if they were up to no good.


Even if your neighbors won’t come outside to check on your car, they might peek out of their windows which would be enough to deter most criminals.

Another reason to keep your car keys close is in case you have an accident and can’t reach your phone. This is especially true for the elderly. If you fall or can’t signal for help, the panic alarm on your car will be enough to have at least a few people investigate, leading to assistance and possibly saving lives in the process! Talk to your parents or grandparents about keeping their car keys in their pockets instead of on the counter tops where it’s too high to reach if they fall.

My parents prefer this to keeping their cell phones on their person, and I made sure that their car alarms work from any point in their house (that was a fun day for the neighbors, I’m sure!) so that they can get attention if anything ever goes wrong. I can’t verify that they constantly have their keys on their person, but it’s easier for them than trying to work a cell phone. Either way, it’s a life tip to consider! Keep your keys on your bedside table and NOT in your kitchen!

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