This One Is EXTRA Tricky! Can You Figure It Out?! (Most People Can’t!)

How quick are you to spot the obvious? We all know someone who will frantically search for the glass they’ve just pushed on top of their head. We all have that one friend who never remembers where they parked. Heck, in some cases, you might be the friend that forgot where they put their phone down at a party! The real question is…can you use your smarts to solve this clever puzzle?! Most people won’t be able to on the first, second, or even third try! Give it a shot and see how far you get before you have to give up!

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…so, did you find it?!

If you haven’t been able to, we’ll give you a quick hint:

The exit isn’t actually that red dot!


The actual exit…

It the word ‘EXIT’

Right in the middle of the maze! If you missed it, don’t worry because you were not alone! Most people weren’t able to find it until they knew that they were looking for a word and not the end of a puzzle! Were you able to figure it out without help?!

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