This Old Dresser Needed New Life. She Traced Out Two Circles And Created Something Great For Her Pets!

We’ve all probably got a dresser or two gathering dust (and spiders) in the garage, but when it comes time to throw it out…we just can’t! It’s still works. It might not be pretty, but with a little TLC, maybe it might be useful in the future…right? That’s what one woman thought when she decided to do something about the “pet food corner” in her kitchen. Two bowls on the floor next to a trash can full of dog food isn’t attractive, and this old dresser turned out to be the perfect thing!
8.23a5She measured out a piece of plywood that would fit snugly inside of the dresser and traced the bottom of the food bowls that her dog uses. She kept the outlines as close to the front of the dresser as possible. The drawer underneath would need to open, and if the bowls were too far back, they would make that bottom drawer useless.8.23a6 The drawer slides out easily and contains anything you need! Food, snacks, equipment, leashes, and more!8.23a7 She covered the plywood with vinyl for easy clean-up, and made a separate piece of vinyl-covered plywood to place the cat’s bowls on top. (Don’t want the pooch to bother them!) 8.23a8The drawer opens to house all of the pet food, and the snacks are within easy reach (and sealed off). Plus, it looks great! No longer is the dog food an eyesore. This cute and quirky piece of furniture is easy to clean and keeps the pet’s supplies in one convenient spot. We absolutely adore this project! You can get more information on it here.


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