This Officer Had Purchased Shoes For His Son…But He Found Someone Who Needed Them Even MORE!

Officer Marc Valenzuela was on duty, going about his daily business and protecting the public with his badge and years of experience. That’s when he spotted a man who looked a little worse for wear. He was homeless, and although he had clothing, he didn’t have any shoes on. He was only wearing a pair of worn and tattered socks. Office Valenzuela could not let that slide – not in his city!


He looked at the homeless man’s feet and guessed that the shoes he had purchased for his son earlier in the week would fit nicely on the man standing outside. He called the man over to his car and had him sit in the back while he checked to see if he could help the man out.

That’s when Raymond Celaya pulled out his phone and started recording the ordeal. At first, he thought that the officer was harassing this poor man and he was determined not to let the officer get away with any shady behavior. But it was soon apparent that the officer was helping the man and not hurting him. Celaya posted the video online and it quickly went viral…but it was the story that captivated the world! 2.2b1

Too often, police officers are in the news for all of the wrong reasons. Corruption, curious circumstances, and fatal shootings are clouding the profession and causing many people to become skeptical of the officers put in place to keep them safe – but the stories like this help people to see that there are still good people in the world.

When asked to comment on the event, Valenzuela had this to say: “He was just very thankful. I could see a little bit of money in his pocket, he had some dollar bills and some change. He wanted to pay me for the shoes and I just told him they were a gift from God.”

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