This Nurse Made A Mistake That Changed Her Life FOREVER! Warning: TEARS!

It was the middle of the night shift, and this nurse was exhausted already. With so many patients to care for, she was running low on energy. When the young man in uniform asked to come into the room, she introduced him as her patient’s son and went about her duties. This story doesn’t need much of an introduction, though…it speaks for itself!


I started crying at the end of this story! I can just imagine the shock when she realized her mistake! The flood of emotion she must have felt was overwhelming! What I’m most thankful for in this story is the fact that the young man didn’t tell the patient that his son had died. He let the old man pass in peace, knowing that his son was right beside him during his most terrifying moments. With just the simple gesture of holding his hand, this young man brought more comfort than he could ever imagine to this situation, and I’m just so glad that he had the integrity to do so.

This story sure did a number on me! I can’t stop the tears! My doggies thought something was wrong and came to sit in my lap. It’s okay, doggies, these are HAPPY tears!

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