This Nurse Helped Deliver Her Daughter. 25 Years Later, She Hands Her THIS Picture!

There are some people that we come across in life that leave their mark on us forever. They might not realize the impact their actions and words will have on the people around them, but they get up every day and try their best to make a difference in the world. Most of the time, they will never know just how much they might influence someone else’s life, but their memory will live on for years – sometimes decades – to come. Daphney Jones Walker was one such person to a mother in labor. No matter how much time had passed, this loving mom remembered the sweetest nurse who helped her through one of the most incredible times of her life! She decided to document the occasion…and it turned out to be the sweetest picture that one woman will ever own!


I wanted Mom’s surprise to be seeing Daphney again.”


You can’t fake joy like this! She absolutely loves her job and you can see it in her eyes that she will be doing this until she retires, helping new moms for years to come. This nurse has a special place in this family’s heart, and she will be remembered fondly for decades to come…long after she hangs up her scrubs for the last time! She deserves every bit of recognition for her kindness, and I’m so glad they decided to share this special moment with the world!

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