This Notice Posted At A Daycare Has A LOT Of Parents Talking

Juliana Mazurkewicz snapped this picture at her daycare and decided to share it online. Little did she know, she would be starting a HUGE ebate that would be shared thousands of times by people with and without kids! The premise is simple: the daycare wants parents to pay attention to their children when they are picked up from daycare.Other daycare workers share their own stories about parents on phone calls.

It’s just not for the kids but for us teachers as well. If your child was having a rough day, I’m going to let you know. Simple. I’ve been hushed by parents, fingers to mouth to be quiet, told to stop talking they’re on the phone, etc so many times. I get it, it could be an important phone call, finish it before coming in. Simple. Your kid has been away from you for 8-10 hrs, they’re of course ecstatic to see you. Give them that moment to brag about their day. Let them share their accomplishment for that day. It’s all they’re asking for at that moment. Not to be shushed up.”

But some parents think that this rule is ridiculous and that the daycare should be mindful of their phone calls. Others were quick to inform them that they completely missed the point!

Which side of the argument are YOU on?

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