This Note Was Found Next To A Deflated Balloon. You’ll Want To Call Your Mom After Reading It…

Redditor JoeSvo posted this heartfelt note online, and thousands of people found themselves with a sudden urge to call home and talk to mom. He was at his girlfriend’s home in Jeff City, MO, when he spotted something reflective out in the field. Not sure what it was, they went on a short hike to find out what was glittering out in the middle of nowhere.

When they got close, they realized that it was a silvery balloon, but there was a note attached. Once they read it, it broke their hearts. They were curious and tried to find the person who sent the note on Facebook, but in the end, decided to leave the matter alone…7.25a4


I miss you so much

I just want you to

Know that I really am

sorry for hurting you, I made

it mom I made it through High

School. I Love you Momma

I love you so much.


They couldn’t quite make out the name, but soon decided to let this young person believe that mom had received the message loud and clear. There’s just something about writing a letter to our loved ones who have passed that makes us feel as if they heard what we’re trying to say. No one knows for sure what happens after we die, but the hope that we might meet the ones we love again is a powerful thing, and we wish the best to this anonymous high school graduate.

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