This Nightmare Fish Is Being Found In Michigan Lakes! It Is Thousands Of Miles Away From Home.

This fish is called a red-bellied pacu and is native to the waters of South America. It has strange, human-like teeth that are totally freaking people out. While the mouths of these fish are creepy, they have these teeth because their diets usually consist of stray nuts and seeds. So, local fishermen are wondering why these fish are popping up in the lakes of Michigan, and what can be done about it?8.16a19The Michigan Department of Natural Resources has the answer. These fish are ornamental and frequently imported to be displayed in private aquariums. People think that the fish are quirky and unique, and pay to have the fish added into their expansive displays…but what they don’t count on is the aggressive nature of the fish.

Too often, people realize that the fish isn’t what they bargained for and simply toss them into the nearby lakes, hoping to “set the fish free.” Only their actions are more harmful than good for the fish.

Instead of dumping these specialty fish (or any fish that isn’t native to the area, for that matter), people can make arrangements with their local aquariums, zoos, or environmental learning centers. Because people simply toss the fish into nearby lakes over 27 different states have reported fishermen discovering these fish in areas that they shouldn’t be, and it can have a lasting and harmful effect on the current ecosystems.

Officials urge people to do what is best for the environment by contacting aquariums to safely transfer the fish to a new, stable home instead.

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