This Newborn Was SCREAMING And No One Could Figure Out Why…Until Mom Pulled Off Her Sock And Made A Terrifying Discovery!

Whether you are an experienced parent or raising your very first child, things happen that can surprise even the most diligent of us. When your child starts screaming in pain, you might not be able to think quickly beyond “find out what’s wrong and FIX it!” But what about those instances when the problem causing discomfort isn’t obvious? That’s where this family found themselves when their daughter was fussing. She was in real pain, but when she started to overheat from her outburst, they weren’t sure what to do next…


…the hair managed to cut all the way through Molly’s skin, completely around her toe, but it could have been worst had it gone much longer untreated…”2.3a7

Thanks to mom’s quick thinking, little Molly’s toe was saved. The swelling eventually went down, but it is a PSA for any parents who haven’t heard of this strange incident. When a string, hair, or piece of elastic come loose in a baby’s sock or bootie, the string can wrap around their teeny toes and cause bleeding, loss of circulation, and in the most extreme cases, the baby can even lose the toe (although that is incredibly rare). One way to prevent this is to check baby’s socks before using them, trimming away stray thread and being sure that no hairs have somehow embedded into the sock!

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