This New CEO Thought He Was Making A HUGE Power Play…Too Bad He Didn’t Bother To Get Know His Employees First!

If you haven’t had a boss like this guy, you should count yourself extremely lucky! A boss that likes to show off his power is the worst kind. They generally don’t care about individual workers, so they ignore things like vacation days, getting out on time, overtime hours, or general happiness in the office. They want to show all of the employees that¬†they¬†are in charge, and if they don’t get what they want, they don’t care about making a scene. When they finally get their antics thrown back in their face, other employees can’t help but cheer. On the inside, of course.


I wonder what this new boss can possibly do to gain back the respect from the employees! There’s no way to shake a mistake THAT big off – he did it in front of the entire company! Sure, if it had been a lazy employee, that would have been like a scene out of a movie…but how was he able to completely ignore the uniform that the guy was wearing?! Seems like this guy should have come off of his “high horse” a very long time ago. How embarrassing!

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