This Nail Trend Is NOT For The Faint Of Heart! Are You Prepared For “Dead Bug Nails” Yet?! (GROSS!)

A unique trend involving both acrylic nails and dead insects has made its way into one brave nail salon, and the results are making people squeamish. Deadly Beauty and Nails will provide both the lifeless bugs and their expertise to bring their creations to life…well, sort of. They even offer to work with dead creatures that their clients bring in! And they do it all with creativity and class. The Australian nail technicians don’t mind getting their hands dirty when it comes to piecing together an interesting design. Week-old dead mosquito hawk? No problem. Now, it’s a work of art that will last forever! Or at least until the nail comes off. Those color choices reflect that bug’s short life: vibrant and memorable.Little creatures aren’t left out either. This tiny seahorse has now been memorialized in acrylic gel and glitter. Fabulous. Snakeskin, butterflies, and beetle shells become strange masterpieces on these fanciful nails. While they aren’t everyone’s tastes, they are definitely unique!

The original designs are a hit with a lot of people…but some might be a bit squeamish to see these insects so near a person’s hands. The idea might unsettle a lot of people…but for those certain few, the new idea is a dream come true!

Would you give these a try?!

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