This Mother Is At Her Wit’s End…So She Does Something INSANE To Discipline Her Child! This HAS To Be Fake!!

There are days when I can’t believe my children’s behavior. Maybe they woke up in a bad mood, maybe they have something going on that they don’t know how to deal with, or hey, maybe I’m the one who woke up in a bad mood. Some days are just not rainbows and sunshine and dandelions. Some days are tantrums and spilled cereal and play dough mashed into the carpet. It’s all a part of parenting, but then I look at my kids when they’ve (finally!) asleep in their beds after a long day and I wouldn’t change any moment of it for the world.

THIS mom, however, has a slightly different approach to those “spilled cereal and tantrum” days…


Don’t worry! I checked – this picture is totally fake! When I first read this story, I thought it was a good idea to load everyone into the car in order to contain the situation! Taking the kids for a ride in the car might actually be able to change their attitudes. A change of scenery, a chance for them to talk without feeling cornered, or maybe the “vibration” of the car works like the baby crib I used when they were infants…and then I scrolled to the bottom!

Oh no! It seems this mom was REALLY tired of the whole “temper tantrum” phase! Oops!

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