This Moose Just Gave Birth In A Lowe’s Parking Lot! She’s Now A Local Celebrity!

In a moderately busy Lowe’s parking lot, a strange sight was drawing the attention of local shoppers. As the public realized what had happened, more and more people came out just to watch the new mother care for her calf. The cow was resting comfortably in a sunny patch of dirt while she encouraged her calf to stand and move around. For over 9 hours, the pair enchanted the public with their loving antics.

I’ve been here 50 years, it’s just unbelievable to see it in a parking lot.”

Fish & Game was on standby in case anything got out of hand, but they weren’t needed in the end! Several Lowe’s employees placed orange cones around the pair and gave them a wide berth so that no one would startle them or get too close. 

When parents heard about the spectacle, they took their children and used the experience as a teaching moment! The chance to see a newborn moose calf is a rare thing, and people were excited to be able to witness such a special bond being formed right before their eyes!

Many people gathered to take pictures and observe, but they were sure to give the mother moose as much space as they could so as not to be intrusive.

It’s a wild animal. They want a bit of privacy just like the rest of us.”

Slowly, the two made their way out of the parking lot. They meandered at a steady pace, but took many brief rests in between. After all, one was only hours old and the other had just given birth!

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