This Mom’s “Peanut Butter Hack” Is Too Ridiculous! Cracking People Up!

Usually, when people start sharing “life hacks,” they are actually useful, but we’ll let you be the judge on this one! Apparently, there was a widespread (pun intended) need to prevent peanut butter from tearing apart the delicate sandwich bread in a PB&J. This rampant need for perfect bread eventually led to this sandwich expert’s “life hack” for easy-to-make peanut butter slices, and people are loving it.

First, she spreads an entire jar of peanut butter onto parchment paper, then folds the paper in half and flattens it using a rolling pin. Now the peanut butter is perfectly flat and is ready to go into the freezer until it is frozen. Her next step is to cut the peanut butter (still wrapped in parchment paper) using kitchen scissors to be stored in the freezer until you use them or forget about them and they eventually taste weird. You can use your discretion at this point. And now you can enjoy perfectly square slices of peanut butter that won’t tear your bread…

Or, as thousands of people have commented, you could just be more careful. You’d save at least an hour of your life in the long run. The best part? They posted the “recipe” to be shared and liked…one man thought it was especially hilarious.

The “recipe.” That cracks me up. Show someone making ice cubes next. Be sure to post the recipe.” He wrote.

Even more have commented that they didn’t know that they needed this hack simply because spreading peanut butter onto bread shouldn’t take more than an hour.

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