This Mom Was Stunned When She Realized What Was Happening Down The Row!

She and her family had gone out to see the rodeo. It was a fun event filled with family-friendly shows and exciting animals to learn about. What no one knew about her son was that going to the rodeo had been a huge step to take, and she was incredibly proud of him. When she realized he was making his way to speak with a stranger was the exact moment her heart melted. That was the moment when she realized just how far he had come.Her son had been officially adopted just a few months before, and his journey was beautiful.

Dear stranger next to us at the rodeo,
When my son came up to you and grabbed your arm, you didn’t know he used to be terrified of people. When he talked to you about the bulls, you didn’t know he was diagnosed with a language disorder. When he jumped in your lap and laughed as you tickled him, you didn’t know he had a sensory processing disorder.” She wrote in a heartfelt post on Facebook.

She hoped that the stranger would see it and know just how amazing his actions had been that night. Even if he never did, she hoped the story would reach others.

You also didn’t know as his mother, I sat in my seat, with tears running down my face, sneaking this photo. When we adopted him a few short months ago, we didn’t know how long it would take for him to laugh, play and engage others like this. You didn’t know any of this, but you took time to connect with a child who has had to fight to learn to connect. My heart is full. Thank you.”

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