This Mom Wants Parents Everywhere To Know That It’s Okay Not To “Have It All Together”

Dani Thompson has four children…and endless piles of laundry.

I want people, especially other moms out there to know that, I try, but the truth is, I don’t ‘have it all together.’ In today’s world, so many parents think they need to live up to a stereotype that in my personal opinion, completely hinders our abilities to enjoy the true meaning of life.” She wrote.

Feeling overwhelmed is normal, especially for parents, and keeping the family going day after day in spite of this feeling is a monumental task.

It’s ok to have laundry piled to the ceiling, it’s ok to have dishes backed up in your sink, it’s ok for your house to not look like a show home on a daily basis. We all do it. Whether we admit it or not, just know when you feel overwhelmed, you are not alone. You are doing your best, so keep doing it. The happiness you bring to your children is not measured by what you own, what you buy, or what your house looks like on a daily basis. Happiness is measured by the time spent and memories made with your children and your family.”

Her bold picture showing huge loads of laundry is inspiring people dealing with the daily struggles of life. Knowing that they aren’t alone is comforting, and if that thought gets us all through just one more day, she is glad to have shared her story.

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