This Mom Uses Selfies To Keep Her Daughter Honest, But People Think She Went Too Far!

At the end of one summer, this 18-year-old shared a few of the texts that she had received from her mother that day. Kaelyn had already graduated high school, but it seemed like her mother was more insistent than ever to keep a tight reign on the girl…or at the very least, to keep her honest.

I think it’s safe to say my mom doesn’t trust me,” Kaelyn wrote while watching movies with her friend one night.

Parents have to adapt as technology advances, and this mom (after having mastered the selfie) has taken it to a whole new level.

While watching movies and hanging out, Kaelyn received a demand from her mother:

Before you lie, where is your car?” Mom asked.

The conversation quickly escalated, and Kaelyn couldn’t help but share the results with her friends on Twitter.But mom didn’t believe her and told her to take another picture with the lights on, and another from a different angle. Still, mom was skeptical and didn’t believe her daughter.

Get on her back and take another selfie with the thumbs up.” Mom demanded.

They did that, too, and took another selfie just in case to keep mom satisfied.

Alright…you pass. Lol” Mom wrote.

But people were a little shocked at how far this mom went. Why not just turn on her daughter’s GPS, or do a quick video call? The mother-daughter duo insist that the messages weren’t as harsh as they seem, and that Kaelyn has been caught in a lie before, but strangers were still quick to judge.

Other parents thought it was a great idea and plan to start doing this with their own kids!

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