This Mom Shared A Picture Of Her Messy Car To Highlight The Struggles Of Keeping Life In Order

Being a parent is a tough job, and sometimes, priorities shift over the course of the day. For this mom, taking care of her car was one of the lowest things on her “to do” list, and she decided to share it with the world. She had old wrappers, half-empty soda cans, and a lot of trash just lying on the floor because over the course of her day, the needs of her children were more important to her.

I’d like to give a shout out to all my fellow hot mess school moms.” She begins.

The moms that haven’t been able to find the floor board of their vehicles since August 1st of last year.

The moms that just found that homework assignment they were supposed to sign while cleaning out their cars.

To the moms still trying to find where that smell in the truck is coming from that started sometime after August 1st.

To the moms that live inside their cars four times a day, five days a week and don’t have time to clean up that mess, they just move it over.

To the moms that pull up to the drop off line with a minute to spare and hear everything in their vehicle shift as they slam on the breaks because breakfast, snacks, school projects and emergency toys while waiting in the pickup line pile up fast y’all.

May we know them, may we love them, may we confess we’ve all been one, may we promise to look the other way when we see one and not mom shame and may we all know we are doing the best we can even when our car looks a hot mess like us.”

Thousands of moms were able to instantly relate…but others had a harsher opinion.

Even if I have to kill myself with the amount of hours it takes to clean, I get it done.”

But others who were arguing over what is “right or wrong” say that each family is different. The main purpose of the post ended up starting a huge discussion that parenting is different for everyone…and in the end, being supportive regardless of personal opinions will go a lot farther than tearing down parents who are simply trying their best.

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