This Mom Prepares For Christmas ALL Year. When She Posted This Picture, Parents Went NUTS.

Emma Tapping, a mom from the UK, has been under fire by other parents after she posted this picture online last year. She shows her tree nearly buried in an outrageous amount of wrapped items, and explains that this year, each of her children is receiving 87 gifts each for Christmas.

Her three children woke up to this on Christmas morning, and the photo went viral.The mountain of presents gathered a huge amount of comments expressing their hatred for this mom. She was spoiling her kids, they said, and her behavior was “borderline-abusive.”

But Tapping explained it all.

Her family isn’t rich by any means, but she doesn’t put off her holiday shopping until the end of the year. Instead, she starts as early as possible…

I start shopping in January and use every bargain, every sale I can,” she said. “That’s how I do it, I shop all year round to make the pile as big as it is.”

For each child to receive nearly 100 gifts each, it only cost her around $2,000 thanks to her bargain hunting.

But still, parents thought she was setting her children up for failure…and to those people, she posted a picture of this year’s tree:

This year, each child gets 96 gifts each.

Another year of hard graft, saving and planning,” she wrote. “Another year of my family making me proud everyday. They deserve a great Christmas. The haters will hate but nothing and no one will change how I do Christmas.”

This year, more parents are taking her side. It isn’t anyone’s place to tell her how to celebrate her own family, they say, and have shared her picture in solidarity instead of in judgement.

We just want to know how long it took to wrap it all!

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