This Mom Learned The HARD Way Not To Accept A Stranger’s Friend Request! This Is Terrifying.

If you wanted to, you could live your entire life inside of your own home, thanks to the internet. You can work online, pay your bills online, order groceries online, and get breakfast, lunch, and dinner delivered right to your front door. We rely on the internet for a lot, and nowadays we use it to keep up with old friends and new ones, sending messages and sharing pictures without really thinking of how much people can learn about our lives with only a few updates…in this next story, one mom learned the hard way.


This is an example of what could happen if you aren’t staying safe online, and it was written as a wake-up call to parents everywhere. Maybe you aren’t accepting friend requests from strangers, but what about your kids? I’m sure you don’t mean for anyone to know where your kid goes to school and what time they get off, but if your profile isn’t set to private, anyone can see that status update that says “off to run errands before picking the kids up at 3!” You can’t be sure what other people are doing online with the information that you are sharing on a daily basis, so keep track of who your friends are and stay vigilant! The internet is an important thing in our lives, but being safe is even more so.

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