This Mom Is Re-Creating Instagram Photos And Is KILLING It!

Everywhere we look, the “ideal” body type is on display – and Instagram, as much as its users promote body positivity – is simultaneously one of the worst at this. These celebrities display their perfect physiques (highly edited, of course) and beautiful scenery in stunning form. One comedian from Australia, Celeste Barber, has decided to start re-creating them with the things she’s already got on hand.

They are gold. No one is off limits. Nothing is excluded. She doesn’t care, and that’s what makes these so perfect. It’s all fine and good to have goals, but it’s okay to be realistic about the things that matter in life. Like bread. Some of the poses that she mimics are exactly as ridiculous as they seem. Why is she hanging off of the boat like that? It’s confusing.

But Celeste tried her best to make it work! Falling off of the bed has never looked so glamorous! Well, until Celeste tried it. And then we all saw how silly the original pose actually was. She has over 2 million followers. The actress/comedian/writer/mom knows exactly how to “keep it real,” and people around the world are glad of it.

There’s too much pressure to be “perfect.” So…what’s the point? According to Celeste, the point is to have fun.

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