This Mom Is Literally JUMPING For Joy! Bye, Kids! “I’m Gonna Miss Y’all!”

Moms everywhere use Facebook to keep in touch with their friends and family, but one mom is using it to make hundreds of thousands of people laugh!

Keshia Dardner lives in Scottsboro, Alabama and when her children were all geared up to go to school, she decided to celebrate the moment with a picture. The family has taken one every year, but she isn’t sure why this particular picture went viral.8.10a8

My husband takes them and he’s a plumber. We just do them really quickly before we leave for school. For some reason, this one decided to go viral!” She commented on her viral post! In less than one week, the post had been shared nearly 300,000 times by parents and students alike.

Some of the comments have been negative and criticized mom for being glad to see her kids leave the house, an overwhelming majority agree with her reaction! It reflects the sentiments of parents around the country who use the time to get part-time jobs, take care of family affairs, chores, run errands, and make time for their own hobbies…

And one teacher shared the photo because “It’s funny…but it’s not funny because now they are here with me!”

The photo has even gone world wide and hitting countries like Brazil and Finland! It seems this feeling is shared no matter where parents live!

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