This Mom Is Confused Over Her Child’s Strange “Super Hero,” But Twitter LOVES It!

Like so many other parents, this mom decided to sent her daughter to a day-camp. For a few hours, mom could get some time to herself, and her daughter could stretch her artistic wings at an art camp. Win-win, right? Well, when mom picked up her daughter from the camp one Monday afternoon, she wasn’t quite sure what she was looking at. Her daughter presented her with her idea of a “new superhero.”

While other kids might have been inventing fantastic heroes that could fly or had special powers, her daughter created “Janet.”

Janet cuts people in half with giant scissors. (She’s a hero only to herself.)” The girl explained.

And while mom was stumped at the bizarre artwork, Twitter instantly found inspiration in her daughter’s creation.

She’s a hero only to herself’ is my new daily affirmation,” one user wrote.

While the child probably meant that Janet’s actions only seemed acceptable to Janet, people couldn’t shake the fact that it was good life advice all around.

People also wanted to know why there was a tree branch in the pictures.

To hit the jerks with,” of course, said the girl.

Janet now has a growing fanbase.People began submitting their interpretations of Janet, and the little girl couldn’t be more thrilled. “Janet” might not be a superhero in the traditional sense, but she’s bringing people together and inspiring them to “ignore the haters,” which might be more than many other superheros have ever done before.

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