This Mom Had The PERFECT Retaliation For An Old Man That Gave Her “Advice” About Sagging Boobs.

Michelle Kirk was training for the New York City Marathon and pushing her 18-month-old daughter in a running stroller. She just wanted to be ready and fit for when the marathon rolled around. It’s hard work to train, but she loves running and makes time for it in her busy schedule. She even has a stroller that will allow her to bring her daughter along for the ride!

And it was a good day…until a disgusting man thought that it was somehow his business to stop her and tell her some very important information…

Hey, not for nothing, but you need a new sports bra. Your boobs are sagging.” She was stunned and angry, not sure what to make of this man who clearly had never been taught any manners in his entire life. He kept talking, astonishingly. “If you keep on running, the muscle fibers in your breasts are going to break down, and your boobs will sag even more. They’re already heading south and I don’t think you want them to head south even more.”

She wanted to destroy him, but she was in front of her daughter and didn’t want to start a long argument and make a bad impression on the little girl. Instead, she just joked and said “I’m so sorry but all my non-boob sagging bras are in the wash today. It was either this one or no bra.”

The man didn’t take the hint and kept talking as if he had any right, so she just sprinted away and continued her run. When the man was out of sight, she took a picture in her “saggy bra” and gave him a message:

7.21a10Seriously, stopping her to tell her that HE didn’t approve of her body? What is this, 1950? She, and the thousands of people who shared the message, really hope that he sees this post and learns an important lesson.7.21a9You go, girl.

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