THIS Might Be Lurking Beneath The Keys Of YOUR Keyboard!

After just 6 years, this keyboard had clearly seen better days. The paint of the numbers and letters had all worn off after daily use and the keys were tacky when he tried to type. It finally got to the point where the keyboard would either need to be thrown out or cleaned. He decided to try and clean it himself before buying a new one…but no one expected the horrors that were lurking underneath the keys!

He began to pry them off, and the amount of dust, dirt, hair, and leftover food was concerning…By the time he pried all of the keys off of their settings, the extent of the filth was overwhelming. Loose hair and matted fur coated the entire underside of this keyboard.

How had it gotten so messy? While six years may sound like a lot, many people use their own keyboards for longer and never see problems like this…it prompted others to take a look at their own keyboards. By popping off the keys, people discovered all sorts of disgusting things hiding beneath their keys, including mold! Have you ever checked beneath the keys of YOUR keyboard?

He took a close-up picture to really capture how nasty it had all gotten…yikes.
The chilling pictures went viral, and some have decided to simply purchase a new one altogether!


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